Monday, October 08, 2012

3 Years

It scares me so much that it's been 3 years since Adrienne left us. Sometimes it seems like she was just here, sometimes it seems like she was just a dream. I forwarded the youtube video of Adrienne ( to someone that I met last year, and she remarked that it was odd to put someone's whole life into 4 minutes. We try so hard to keep her memory alive, for people to know what a wonderful person she was and how hard she fought. I asked someone who's daughter died in 2004 what it's like, and she said "bittersweet," which is the only word that comes to mind now. Caesar left us last week, on the 3 year anniversary of Adrienne's death. I imagine her comforting him as he went to heaven. I used to say that he was such a lover, and she would say "mom, he's a lovee." Too funny. He was lovee to the end.