Monday, June 06, 2011

Back Home

Curt and I returned from our trip last week. It was wonderful (of course) but the jet lag really knocked us out. We returned to find a package with a book that Adrienne worked on at CMC, and it was dedicated to her. I knew it was coming but I was happy to receive it and to hear from her prof. CMC also created a plaque in her honor and placed it in the reading room that she frequented there. She loved being at CMC and I'm glad that she was able to have that.

I start class again tonight with a 5 week, 3 night a week class, very quick and intense. Then I start work on my thesis/dissertation. I've decided to do my research into cyberbullying because I believe that this is a real and important health issue that needs attention and real-world solutions. We'll see where this takes me.

I want to offer a shout and support to my "moms," women like me with a child fighting Hodgkin's or who have lost a child to this disease. I wish we didn't have this little club but I'm glad that we can support and help each other. I love you all.