Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holding Steady...I Think

Elton John was amazing!!! We had so much fun and each song brought back its own memory, at least for Curt and me. Visually, the show was great too with videos in the background and some enormous and amazing balloons on stage (I guess you had to be there).

Adrienne returned to school on Sunday and is back to being busy. She fell again on Sunday night so we've arranged for some physical therapy to help her build some strength and hopefully avoid future falls. Otherwise, she's feeling well and less fatigued than in a long time.

Curt's mom had scans recently and the doctor thinks she only has a few "good" weeks left, whatever that means, so we're going to fly up to Seattle next week to see her while she's feeling well enough. Adrienne is going to fly up and meet us too since she only has classes Monday though Wednesday. Unfortunately, Daniel won't be able to make it but we'll send his best wishes. Many of us have been there, losing a parent, but it never gets easier. At this point, we just hope she isn't in too much pain.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Much New

Adrienne has had a relaxing week off of school. She's been doing a bit of homework, researching graduate schools, looking into summer internships, and most importantly, sleeping late and eating some of the baked goods I made. After last summer's internship working for a hedge fund, she's realized that business school isn't her cup of tea and she isn't as ambitious or aggressive as people in that world. Instead, she's looking at getting her doctorate in clinical psychology. We all like the idea of calling her Dr. and think it's a great way for her to go. Meanwhile, she's looking for a summer internship (preferably paid but volunteer would be okay too) in clinical work.

Tomorrow night is the Elton John concert and we're all really excited. Curt saw him in 1973 when Yellow Brick Road came out and it was one of the first LPs I ever got. It makes us feel really old but we're still excited. He's only here a few weeks each year and, because it's Good Friday, we were able to get great seats at a great price. (We're Jewish so it's okay.) Have a Happy Easter everyone.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Adrienne arrived earlier today and is taking her nap now. Boy, that girl can sleep, even on an airplane. She's very thin but otherwise looks well. She had another fall a few days ago and her knee is a bit swollen and scuffed but hopefully it isn't serious. She's also itching again. The itching doesn't indicate how much disease she has but it's usually a sign that something is growing. We were just hoping for a little break. But leave it to Adrienne, she's looking at graduate schools now. Stay tuned. Our big event during her visit is seeing Elton John on March 21. I can't wait.

My mother in law had another fall last Friday, breaking her hip and shoulder. She's home now with Curt's brother taking care of her, but obviously, we're all very concerned. The cancer isn't bothering her so much but she's in a lot of pain from the breaks so we're still taking things a day at a time. My mother's husband also had heart surgery a few weeks ago and has had a tough recovery. It's so hard when your parents get old, you know it's going to happen, but still it's tough.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quick Check

Adrienne went in today for labs and a PFT. For some reason, the doctor ordered only part of the PFT so she'll probably need to go again (ugh). Her blood counts were great, almost back to normal and her Hodgkin's symptoms (itching, wheezing) are non-existent so it's all good. She even drove herself today. Now she just needs to gain back some weight. We'll be working on that when she comes home next week.

For some time, I've been keeping in touch with Jennifer Willey, a young woman from Maine, who had an allo transplant over a year ago for Hodgkin's. Jennifer is fighting very serious graft-vs-host disease. Her spirit and will to live is amazing while she faces unbelievable obstacles. Please go to her website and leave her a note: http://www.freewebs.com/jenniferwilley/. I don't think I've made a secret of it but I don't believe that allo transplants for Hodgkin's are wise. Given the risks (high) and chances of success (low), we would not choose to do it given the options available today.