Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Me - At Adrienne's Unveiling

Thank you everyone for coming today to honor and remember Adrienne. As most of you know, Adrienne and I were more than just mother and daughter. We were best friends. Though it’s been a year since she died, the hole I feel is just as deep and raw as it was a year ago. Now Adrienne would be the first to tell me how silly I am, but I can’t help how I feel.

I know she touched many people by how she lived her life, trying never to let cancer define her or stop her from living to the fullest. She was a large part of the lymphoma forum and they recently did a memorial for her. As Michael said, “In a hundred years or so, maybe someone will be doing a study of our civilization and will run across this board. And they will wonder, "Who is this Adrienne person? She must have been someone special to have touched and inspired so many." Yes, she was special and for me, she will always be beautiful and perfect.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unveiling - October 24, 2 pm

Adrienne's unveiling is scheduled for next Sunday, October 24, at 2 pm. I'm scared to death to see her name on the headstone but I know we need to do this, we need to honor her and her life. Still, I'm expecting it to be tough. The ceremony will be held graveside and attendees are welcomed back to my sister, Diana's house afterwards.

The one-year anniversary of Adrienne's death was about as bad as I expected but I've been getting through the last few weeks okay. Thank you all for your notes and cards. I was truly overwhelmed.

Work and school are busy, so that helps a lot. One would think that time passing is helpful but I find it the means Adrienne is farther away and I worry that memories will fade. Sometimes she seems like a dream.

Daniel is going to Colorado for Xmas with his girlfriend's family so it's just me and Curt. We'll be going on a cruise to the Western Carribean, which includes Cozumel, Mexico as well as stops in Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. We're looking forward to seeing the Mayan ruins as well as some much-needed R&R.

Monday, October 11, 2010

From Adrienne's Dad

To everybody who knew Adrienne:

It is with profound sadness that we find ourselves on October 1st 2010. On this day a year ago we lost our daughter to cancer. It was heartbreaking for all who knew her, because we witnessed such a long and valiant fight, right to the very end.

Adrienne tried harder to live than just about anybody I have ever known. She lived her life to the maximum, made plans and followed her dreams. She never let cancer stand in her way (it was just an inconvenience), and it made her even more determined to excel in everything she did.

We miss her so deeply and I can only hope we will meet her once again in some future life.

Adrienne Leigh Boardman (August 18th 1987 ~ October 1st 2009)

Please visit Adrienne's Photo Gallery at:

With love - David Boardman (Adrienne's father)