Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cabo Visit

Curt and I had a nice visit to Cabo, very relaxing. It's amazing how much it's changed since our last trip there 5 years ago. We had visited regularly the mid-90s and purchased a timeshare in 1998, the first time we took Adrienne and Daniel and it was sort of a home away from home. With Adrienne's illness, however, it turned out that we couldn't visit much. I last took Adrienne, Daniel, and a friend of his in 2005, just after her relapse that year. The doctor thought it was fine because she wasn't immunosuppressed yet, but after that, we were too concerned and time was short. This visit reminded me of all the good times we had, not just there, but on other vacations. There were a few little girls that were just like Adrienne at those ages. You just couldn't get her out of the pool. She would flip over and over again, touching the bottom as many times as she could. Both kids felt sorry for the poor children there so they went around town buying Chicklets gum for 1 peso each. We sure had a lot of Chicklets.

We took a lot of great trips over the years, Mexico, Hawaii, Colorado, Canada, New York, all over. Adrienne and I took a few trips on our own too: a cruise in Alaska (after the TNT marathon, of course), Montreal and Quebec, and even Spain. We were even planning a trip to France this spring to see her friend who's teaching English there for a year. It may seem like a lot but we put off a lot the last few years because of school and her treatment. We just never got to do all the things we wanted. I know we were lucky to have her as long as we did and I treasure the memories, but it was still too short.

Thanksgiving was tough, really tough. Christmas isn't a big deal for us since we're Jewish but we always got together on that day because everyone was available. I think we'll go to the movies on Christmas, like we did last year. I think my strategy will be to ignore the holidays.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia is coming out on DVD. This is the last movie Adrienne and I saw together in New York last summer. We both really enjoyed it and laughed that we were the youngest people in the theater, that is, Adrienne was the youngest and I was the next youngest. Yes, it was full of old ladies but we loved it anyways. Adrienne was always a huge movie buff and I miss her movie reviews and my foodie buddy, actually, I miss everything.

I have up days and down days. It seems like the smallest thing can just start a flood of tears. Yesterday, I got a haircut and I have a new girl since mine moved out of state last summer. We were doing the usual chit chat and she asked about my kids. I know she felt horrible when I talked about Adrienne and started crying. Of course, it wasn't her fault but this is something I'll have to learn how to handle.

Curt and I are off to Cabo on Saturday for a week. It'll be nice to get away to the warmth. Yes, it's cold here in Las Vegas and the dogs don't even want to go out. It makes it hard to train a new puppy, who was doing great before the grass froze. Moe and Rudy are old friends now, running around the house playing almost constantly. Rudy's going to be a bit bigger than Moe and usually "wins" most of the fights. Awwww. Caesar, on the other hand, isn't doing too well. He's been getting treatment for arthritis but now it looks like he has degenerative disk disease all through his back, compressing his spine. Last week, he was totally unable to walk but, lots of drugs and vet bills later, he's able to get around now. As long as he isn't in pain and remains relatively happy, we'll keep forcing the pills down his throat (he's pretty good, actually).

On Sunday, there will be a worldwide candle lighting for Compassionate Friends. Since we'll be in Cabo, we'll light our candle there for Adrienne for 10 minutes at 7 pm.